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Bell tent Luxury sleepover Party

glamping tent accommodation

An outdoor glamping experience is the epitome of fun and adventure!

Better suited to older children or adults, the bell tent gives them their own ‘space’.

You can choose any of my teepee sleepover themes….the children will be mesmerised when they step inside and see the magic waiting for them to enjoy!  

pop up glamping tent accommodation

What's Included in bell tent hire

Your luxury Glamping Tent Hire includes:

  • Welcome sign
  • 5m Bell Tent
  • Up to 8 airbeds
  • Electric pump
  • Fitted sheets 
  • Duvet covers with inners
  • Tray tables or bed trays
  • Rugs/Mats
  • Fairy lights
  • Scatter cushions
  • Décor and other bits and pieces to compliment your chosen theme, this could include but will not be limited to buntings, garlands, faux flowers, vases, tea light or other night light, table decorations, soft toys or other props. 
  • Extension lead and multi box
  • Electric Heater for cooler nights

Things to note about bell tent hire for sleepovers:

Laundering is included in all Teepee Sleepover costs. All I ask is that if anything is spilt on a duvet or sheet for example, that it is spot treated with water as soon as possible.

If a child has an ‘accident’ or gets a blood nose, or spills food or drink all over the duvet or sheet, or any other significant soiling (other than a spot or two) that you please put it through a cold wash straight away. It can be treated with stain remover if necessary, but please no bleach.

Teepee Partee Sleepover packages do not include sleeping pillows or pillowcases for hygiene reasons. The scatter cushions and pillows are for decoration only and are not to be slept on.     

Please ensure you ask your guests to bring a pillow.

If it is going to be particularly cold, children could bring a blanket or sleeping bag to put inside their bedding. 

Bell Tent bookings include an electric heater if it is going to be a cooler evening.

bell tent sleepover hire pricing

The cost for a Bell Tent Sleepover Experience is $480 for up to 8 guests including delivery, set up, and pack down the next day. Travel costs will apply outside of my travel area.

I can set up on your property,  the space needed is 7m square of flat, level grass, or if you would like to have it set up off site somewhere, perhaps the local campground, I am more than happy to do that too. You will need to arrange and book any off-site settings.

Glamping season is usually from the end of November through until March, however I am open to doing set ups throughout the rest of the year, weather permitting. 

Ideally for a Bell Tent Sleepover the weather is fine and sunny. The tent is completely water proof, however it isn’t ideal when people are coming in and out when it is wet outside. 

Unpleasant weather doesn’t usually end well, the kids end up inside haha! Forecasted storms/thunder/lightening will unfortunately lead to bookings being cancelled as this then becomes a safety issue.

A fun idea for a hens night sleepover or pop up accommodation for guests

ADD ON the Pamper Party Experience!

Additional $20 per guest

If you’d love an extra touch of luxe at your sleepover, add a pamper party experience!

This DIY add-on allows guests to pamper themselves, and each other, in the luxury of the bell tent. It’s very easy and I  include everything that you might need for a lovely pamper experience.  

The pamper party add-on includes:

  • 2 x face steamers
  • 2 x foot spas
  • Fluffy headbands
  • Satin robes
  • Mini clay mask mixing bowls and application brushes
  • Face cloths
  • Mirrors
  • Foot soak (handmade by me)
  • Gentle clay mask (handmade by me)
  • Mini pottles of gentle moisturiser
  • Plastic cady for the table with nail polish remover, cotton buds, cotton balls, nail files, nail stickers, glitters, a range of nail polishes to use. 
  • Boho table runner with additional décor bits and pieces

THINGS TO NOTE for a teepee pamper party:​

To keep things easy for you, you don’t need to wash the face cloths or robes. Simply re-hang the robes, and rinse out the flannels and pop them in the wash bag provided.

Please ensure the foot spa is clean and dry, and the face steamer has had the excess water tipped out and is dry.

Guests are welcome to keep their pottle of home-made moisturiser. Everything else must be returned, thank you.

BELL TENT party hire themes

Themes can be adapted easily to suit favourite colours. Please don’t be shy to ask if you can mix things up a little and get your own creative ideas going!

You can also combine themes, if you have boys and girls etc. This does depend on availability, however if you book in advance I can usually make this happen.

Images are indicative only, there could be slight variations in décor used, but I can assure you, whatever I provide for you will be amazing!

Ahoy Mates

Ice Palace

Skaters Dream

Sleepy Panda

Game Zone

Boho Bliss

Under the Sea (coming soon)

Hocus Pocus

Black and Gold Glam

Jungle Dreams

Sweet Slumber (coming soon)

Glow in the Dark (coming soon)

Secret Garden                             

Dino Base Camp

Summer Daze                             

Into the Wild

Llamas in Pajamas

Army Bunker

Woodland Wonderland

Mermaid Shores

Outta Space

Whimsical Wonderland

Genie Dreaming

Surfs Up



bell tent hire for sleepovers

The Bell Tent needs 7m square of flat clear grass. The tent is 5m diameter plus has guide ropes.

The area must be combed over thoroughly and all sticks, stones, animal poo and any other debris must
be removed prior to my arrival.

Please do not mow the lawns within a few days of the party, fresh
mowed grass and tents to not go well together!

The Bell Tent can be hired for any age children. I usually recommend from around 9 or 10 upwards,
however it is totally up to the parents whether they think their child and their friends will last the

I have set up a Bell tent at a campground and the Mum slept in there too.

At this stage, a Bell Tent sleepover is a inclusive service, it is a big job and the equipment is valuable
so I prefer to set up and pack away.

Plus too, I believe parents have enough to do on party day, setting up a giant tent shouldn’t be added to the list!

Yes I do, if I have the capacity to, I am happy to travel.

There will be additional costs, but I am happy to discuss this with you based on your individual situation.

It will take me roughly 2.5hrs, provided the area is clear and ready for me to start as soon as I get

You do not need to be home, I don’t need to access anything inside, please just make sure
there is a power point within reach of an extension lead and let me know where that is!

My themes list is available here on my website. It is also on my Instagram and Facebook page.

I can usually create totally unique looks out of the bedding and décor I have. However, if there is something super special you have in mind, please do ask, I absolutely love a challenge and also love creating new looks.

Your party will need to be paid in full if you are having a completely new and customised theme. 

Bell Tent bookings are for up to 8 guests. You can absolutely lower the numbers if you wish, however
you may as well make the most of it if you can!

I pack my weekends worth of parties on Thursdays, so everything needs to be confirmed by then.

In the rare occurrence this happens, please just send me a quick text or email to let me know what has happened.

If it is something that can be easily fixed that’s all good, no worries. If it is damaged or broken beyond repair, the replacement cost will be deducted from your bond. 

Unfortunately with the nature of airbeds, they can go down. Airbeds are inflated the night before a party and left all night, then deflated and folded up ready for the sleepover.

Sometimes, it is that one last fold on the seam which results in a slow leak during the party. This is something I can’t control or avoid, however I can provide a solution by way of spare airbeds and a pump so you can easily change the leaking one for a new one.

Please please do not let kids jump or bounce around on the airbeds to avoid damage to the seams also.

book your luxury sleepover party

If you would like to book a bell tent sleepover and secure a date, please contact me via the link below. 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss any details; I’m more than happy to help!